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Becoming a Vendor

Swing Remix features wonderful collections of stylish clothing and fashion accessories that are fitting for the music and dance styles of the evening. There are also music collections and dance instructional videos in CD and DVD formats that are available for purchase. If you would have collections or are a vendor and wish to join us at one of our Dance Spectaculars, please contact Joy Grad.


Model J Vintage
Model J Vintage - Joy Grad and her Vintage Collection
Bovella - Shabby, Chic, Fashion Accessories
Funky, Hip and Handmade
WorldTone Shoes - Shoes for dancing
230 7th Ave # 2 New York, NY 10011
(212) 691-1934

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StudioPaolo Design
Graphics | Product | Website Design
Gifts of these playful shoe bag accessory items for our Dance Contest winners are provided by StudioPaolo Design
studiopaolo design graphics products website design

Thank you for visiting our vendors' pages as they have contributed to our special events.