Code of Conduct


Swing Remix and its staff, volunteers and talent are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for all participants regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ability, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or other personal circumstance. To ensure that everyone has fun at our programs, we have outlined a set of guidelines for behavior, etiquette, and safety.

Unacceptable behavior
We do not tolerate misconduct, harassment or abuse of any kind. This includes offensive comments, verbal abuse (either in person or online), sexual propositions, unwelcome photography, displays of sexual imagery, inappropriate physical contact, physical intimidation, stalking, or disruption of classes. Actions that compromise the safe and respectful environment we provide are not acceptable from anyone, whether they are attendees, teachers, judges, volunteers, organizers, or staff.

If you experience a troublesome situation, please contact one of our staff right away so we can deal with it promptly. You can reach us by visiting the volunteer table located just outside the dance. We take allegations of misconduct very seriously and we promise to listen and to treat you with respect and confidentiality. If it’s after closing time, you can reach us through our contact page.

Social etiquette
You have the right to choose who you dance with, what songs you dance to, and what role you play. If you would like to dance with someone (whether you know each other or not) always remember to ask first and be prepared for their answer. Mostly our attendees happily accept an invitation. If someone declines your invitation, please respect this decision and move on. There are likely many others would will be eager and interested. If someone refuses several invitations, that usually means they are not interested, so please respect that choice. If you personally decline an invitation to dance, it is impolite to then dance with someone else for that same song so it’s always best to sit that one out. Please do not to offer advice, instruction or criticism to a partner unless it is wholeheartedly requested of you to give feedback. A good partner is courteous and kind and respectful of these guidelines. And finally, it is always in good taste to thank your partner after a dance.

Please be mindful of other dancers around you to avoid accidental collisions and potential injuries, especially when the dance floor is crowded. If you bump into someone, apologize and check to see if they are hurt. If anyone near you falls or is injured, please offer immediate assistance. If someone needs medical attention, contact a member of our staff immediately.

Do not attempt any aerials, unless you are being featured in a jam circle, which provides the space and opportunity for such showcases. Avoid forceful movements that could cause an injury by yanking or jerking your partner, or making your partner move before they are ready. Do not attempt any lifts, drops, or other dramatic weight-supported moves with a partner that you don’t work with or don’t know or is not prepared for such. You never know when someone might be nursing or recovering from an injury. If you have an injury that may limit your movements, you should inform your partner before you begin dancing.

If at any point in a dance your partner makes you feel uncomfortable, touches you inappropriately, or hurts you, it is important to let them know. You can tell your partner that you have had enough or request the corrective actions you need. Such requests are not the same as offering someone instruction on their dance skills. Please learn to understand the difference. If you are often the recipient of these kinds of requests for adjustments, you should consider reaching out to a partner dance specialist/teacher for partner technique training.

Legal matters
Per New York state law, no smoking is allowed in indoor public areas, including e-cigarettes. If you wish to smoke or vape, step outside and away from the doorways. We will ask anyone to leave who appears to be a danger to others or who engages in disorderly or destructive behavior. Those who cause property damage will be personally liable.

Swing Remix reserves the right to revoke an attendee’s admission without refund for inappropriate behavior or a violation of these codes of conduct set forth herein.

Thank you for taking the time to review this code of conduct and in helping us provide a welcoming environment for all.If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through our website or through our facebook page. Help us watch out for each other and in turn we’ll better take care of you.

 This document was updated on May 31st, 2019. This code of conduct was written by the team at Jumpin Entertainment LLC for Swing Remix and derived from related writings published by Mission City Swing, Wednesday Night Hop and other valued programs nation wide.