Friday, July 13 @ Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center

The James Hunter Six
Soul-blues, Rock ā€™nā€™ Roll, Rhythm and Blues Dance
Instructor: Paolo Pasta Lanna teaches Carolina & Collegiate Shag

Paolo, co-founder of the Swing Remix and director of the Rhythm Stompers will lead a dance lesson at the start of the night. Then immediately following, don’t miss a performance by the Flying Camels Collegiate Shag team. Video compilation below: 20 years of showcases at Midsummer Night Swing featuring your’s truly & The Lindy Hop All-Stars (also including The Balbusters, The Grit Grinders, The Rhythm Stompers)

Saturday, July 14 FINALE @ Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center

Harlem Renaissance Orchestra 14th Annual Tribute to Illinois Jacquet
plus the Ambassador Prize Lindy Hop Dance Contest
Style: Big Band Swing Dance
Instructor: Margaret Batiuchok teaches Lindy Hop

There are more outdoor programs so check out their website at for the full schedule!