Swing Remix Fans,

It’s been over a year since our last message regarding our programs. I’ve mostly stayed out of dance related events in NYC during this period, running only online programs from my upstate home. However Spencer has been busy hosting his outdoor “Impromptu Swing” Saturdays in various Upper West Side locations. Bravo to him and his efforts.

However, a significant snag in our partnership on the Swing Remix has arisen. And that places the future of this program in great peril. This snag centers around the Swing Remix Facebook page control. This page has recently been hijacked from my control due to a series of unfortunate circumstances.

This all began, on MARCH 27th 2021, when my personal Facebook page was hacked. For months I was mortified and embarrassed at the brazen actions of this hacker (from Korea) who posted whatever he/she pleased. During this time, all the group and business pages I launched stood vulnerable to being attacked. This hacker even went as far as changing the names and URL’s of several of these pages.
for example,
My dance team page LINDYHOPALLSTARS was changed to a cartoon title and then eventually deleted. (that contained 15 years of history, from performances to photo albums from around the land)

Other pages were only slightly damaged (embarrassing content additions). With the help of my darling sister and her contacts at FACEBOOK, we were able to wrestle my personal page back (recovered officially on JULY 31, 2021). It took about 2 months from then to complete the repairs and restore all the business pages back to their original formats.

However, one page that I never thought would be effected was the SWING REMIX Facebook page that I launched and built in 2007. At some point between JUNE – JULY) when my pages were most vulnerable, Spencer (to whom I granted joint administrator control in 2008) requested to have my administrator position removed. Then the Korean (Hacker) who was in control of my page at the time accepted the request and I was essentially removed.

What does this mean? It means that I have no control of that page’s content and it’s now being run as Spencer’s own dance page. I consider this a deplorable act of selfishness and the greatest betrayal in my 25 years running dance and music programs.

Spencer has used ideological reasons for his actions and his communications with me are now childish, tyrannical and filled with insults and misrepresentations.

I hope we can resolve these issues, but it’s unlikely. Therefore, there will be no return of the Swing Remix programming in the immediate future. The program is fractured. Please note that any mention of a program bearing the name Swing Remix does not meet my approval and does not have my blessings. Any use of the logo Swing Remix without my consent is also a violation of international trademark laws.

For more history of this program that ran for 15 years, founded in 2007, visit SwingRemix.com

Thanks for listening.

Paolo, Co Founder and Creative Director
The Swing Remix