Two years ago to this day our entire year of programs were put on hold, postponed and ultimately cancelled. Between lockdowns, heavy restrictive mandates and the constant demands for social distancing, hosting dance events proved to be a toxic endeavor and too troublesome a pursuit. 

I also made a conscious decision not to participate in programs segregating our people whether due to skin color, religious beliefs, political party stance, or personal medical decisions. Segregation was wrong in our distant past, placing a big stain on our American history and it is wrong today. On the bright side, there are improvements and changes on the horizon to these policies. 

For me personally, to keep active, I found myself focusing on new creative endeavors. I’m now pleased to say that I’ve rekindled my skills as a musician (drummer for the Debonairs), I’ve returned to the world of product design and all the while, continued to keep my dance teams active to the benefit of the talent and our clients who chose these healthy activities. 

I am indeed still in the entertainment world with plans to host live music & dance events again and we’ve got some wonderful plans in the works.

So I hope you’ll follow us at Jumpin Entertainment. See you soon!





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