Dear Friends,

IN REGARDS TO THE ILLEGITIMATE ANNOUNCEMENT “9th Annual Swing Remix dance contest” 

I disapprove of the latest posting of “The 9th Annual Swing Remix dance contest”.

The page was hijacked from my administrative control at some point between JUNE-JULY of 2021. There was no consulting me, no warning and no concern for the ramifications of his decision. Spencer who consequently retained the sole administrative position from that point forward then blocked my general use of the page. More recently he used the page to post malicious gossip about me (to justify or legitimize his actions) and is now acting as if the Swing Remix name is his own to use as he pleases. 

I never impeded Spencer from running any kind of event he wished, at any time. And I lent my encouragement to his “Uptown Swings” outdoor practices many times during 2020 – 2021.  But I made it clear back in DEC of 2021 that his use of the Swing Remix title to run the events he is hosting solo is a violation of our trust and our written and verbal agreements.

I was left speechless for a while but I will no longer sit idly by and let my name be smeared while witnessing the diminishment of this once stellar program. see this link for the full story on this hijacking. 

When you jointly build a brand for 15 years and then have to witness this – there just are no words.

I launched the swing remix Facebook page in 2007 and I was the chief administrator from the start till 2021 (when control was unjustifiably ripped from me). Back in 2007, you could get a prime address like and indeed this address has immense value and panache today. 

The question that I raise today: Is this not thievery? How is this acceptable that my administrative position is no longer and has not been returned to me? This is the page that contains the chronological history of 15 years of our programming. 

The SWING REMIX name was dreamed up by my graphic studio, who came up with the name (using a wordsmith process), created the original and current logo and thus retains certain rights to this. My graphic studio also designed every poster graphic, every postcard, and almost every piece of advertising over the past 15 years. 

I am mortified regarding this latest post (from APR 7) that is listing an event on SAT APRIL 16th as The 9th annual Swing Remix Dance Contest. That’s a clear slap in the face to me and clearly just meant to agitate. Firstly I dreamed that program up, Second, it was designed to be featured at year’s end so that the winner would then hold the title for the following year (somewhat like a pageant). So having it in April – Just demonstrates a lack of respect for this program. This was a contest that took minimally 5 months to prepare, (building sponsors, gifts, and prizes). Is this not an insult to all previous winners and participants?

Jumpin Entertainment (my entertainment group of which I’m the CEO), provided 90% of all the work from coordinating and booking the talent to copywriting, to posting every event on that Facebook page from the start. We’re talking thousands upon thousands of hours invested, planning over 150 events over this passage of time. Jumpin Entertainment LLC paid all the talent, ran all the books, paid all the taxes, purchased all the insurance, etc., etc., for each and every one of the SWING REMIX programs from 2007 – to 2020 until the lockdowns.

You the public and the attendees should know I tried to negotiate in good faith months ago a solution but was met with childish, tyrannical emails filled with insults and misrepresentations. He seemed satisfied with his non-resolution of “I now control the Facebook page and you can have the website…”

Moving forward I am requesting that he return me to my lawful and proper position as an administrator on the page. 

In the interim,
The Photographers including Anita Saha whose photos appear throughout the page do not approve of the current use of their photography by Spencer.

Additionally, I ask you the audience, now that you know the story, what do you think should be done?

The basic moral question remains: If you built something together, and one decides to cut the other out, who wins? And if deceit, betrayal, and defamation of character is the name of the game, will you still continue to play?